Saturday, March 16, 2013

Potty Trained!

My booger Luke is, well, I am confident in saying it now, potty trained! He still wears a pull up at night, although most nights and naps he wakes up dry, I just hate that he sleeps in it if he does have an accident! Yuck! So we still do pull ups. He was a little stubborn at first, but got the hang of it, and now he pretty much just always tells me when he has to go. He's not perfect and has an accident here and there, but I am just SO proud of him! He did so good on our drive up to the Dells, he didn't have any accidents, and only had 1 while we were there and that was while he was running to try to make it to the potty. I would probably say that potty training has been our hardest feat yet, but we DID IT! Yipee!!

My BIG super-boy!! Love him!

10 Months Old!

My sweet little Noah is 10 months old! I can't believe what a big boy he is now! In the last month he has started to let go of things and just stand there, at first it was just for a few seconds, but it has progressed to a minute or 2. He won't take a step, but maybe sometime soon. I'm not in a hurry for him to walk, I just want him walking by summer fun time! I hated taking Luke out when he was crawling and he would eat everything on the ground, the knees of his pants had holes and were always muddy. Well...actually, that hasn't really stopped. I guess that's just a boy thing! Noah tries so hard to talk, he says a few words and imitates a lot of sounds and words we say. He loves to make me laugh and smile, he just melts my heart! He mostly loves his brother, and now that he is older, Luke actually plays with him, sometimes, but I think Noah mostly annoys him because he's always trying to steal his toys! This boy has brought more joy to our lives than I could have ever imagined, I love my boys more than anything. I am one lucky momma!

Here is Noah a couple weeks ago showing off how he likes to stand like a big boy on his own!

Sweet Noey.

Getting SO big!!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Noah 9 months!

I am so far begin on this post :) Noah was 9 months on 2/4. He is growing up so quickly! He now eats pretty much only table food, whatever we are eating, cut into tiny pieces. He loves to feed himself! At his appt this month, the dr was a little concerned because he hasn't gained weight really since 6 or 7 months. He is growing in height and has hit all his milestones on time or early so I am not too concerned. I am just making sure he eats more food now. He didn't like me feeding him, so sometimes he wouldn't eat much or would refuse all together. The dr wasn't too concerned because he is growing over all, but he said if he does t gain at all, he may want to start testing him for other stuff that could be going on internally.

Noah, I am pretty sure I can safely say now, is sleeping through the night, for the last almost 2 months. It is so nice to get a full nights rest again. He also is a pretty good napper, taking 2 good naps a day.

This month Noah is saying words am in pretty sure he is actually saying them and not just babbling. He crawls around following me saying "momma, momma, moooooommmmmmmma!" And he also says "dadda"

It's fun watching him grow into a little person with such a dynamic personality! He keeps me laughing all day! He sure does love his momma, but he I probably the biggest fan of his big brother Luke. Everything Luke does is funny and pretty awesome in Noah's adoring eyes :)

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Brother love

My sweet boys are the joy of my life. I am really enjoying watching their relationship blossom. At the beginning Luke was not a fan of Noah. He actually had a really rough time with the transition. I was sad and discouraged hoping that this is not how it would always be. As Noah is getting older, and beginning to play and crawl around chasing Luke I have seen slowly a bond start to develop between the boys. Luke some days crawls into Noah's crib to lay and play with him. And constantly is asking where he is when he is sleeping. Today he saw his empty carseat by the door and said "Oh no! Mommy, Noah got out of his carseat! Where did he go?" He was so concerned about him, but he was in his room napping. It drives me a little crazy sometimes because he kept trying to get into his room when he is sleeping. BUT, I love how much he loves his brother. Today after lunch we all laid in Luke's bed to read a nap time story. Luke kept asking me if Noah could nap with him. Yea right. Like there would be any "napping" going on! Within the next year, we want to put the boys together in Luke's room. That will be interesting to say the least. :)

This picture melts my heart. I literally had tears in my eyes. Jared was reading the boys a story and Luke put his arm around Noah and was rubbing his back. Oh Lord, let these boys always love each other like that. I  pray they have a close bond where they can always trust each other and know that the other one will have his back. I love these boys with all my heart. Sometimes I wonder to myself how on earth I lived and loved before I had these boys. They are my heart. I feel sad for children who grow up and never know the true love of a sibling.
The boys love wrestling with their daddy. They adore their daddy. I love that even if Jared is gone 48+ hours at the firehouse, that we can visit him so the boys can get a little wrestle time with him!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Noah 8 months old!!

Noah is 8 months old. How is this possible!! Well, actually he is more like 8 1/2 months. I am late on this post. He sure keeps me busy chasing him around, he is such a curious little boy. Into EVERYTHING! He is still my sweet little happy boy, except when he is teething. Oh my, this boy gets crabby! He has a very intense personality, he is either REALLY happy, or when he is mad, he is REALLY mad! He has been crawling everywhere! Pulls himself up on everything and walks along anything he can hold onto. He loves to eat, well actually he loves to feed himself. He gives me a rough time trying to feed him baby food. He would much rather pick it up and feed it to himself. So we have started giving him pieces of veggies and fruit and he feeds himself. He just recently switched over to formula, I was having trouble since he was 6 months with my milk supply, so we finally just switched over to formula a couple weeks ago. I love watching this boy grow, he adores his brother and it is fun to watch them actally play together now! So thankful they have each other!

My sweet boy!!

Brothers playing :)

Getting SO big!!

Those eyes and I love this boy!!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Noah-7 months old!

How has 7 months gone so quickly?! I can't say enough how much of a joy this little man is in our lives! I can't imagine what our family would be with out him! He is my sweet, sweet, happy boy! Always smiling and laughing, especially at his big brother! He babbles and screams and squeals all day long, he says dada all the time, but I'm pretty sure he is just babbling, I'm sure Jared would say differently, and I guess we will let him think that! :) Noah is now sitting up on his own, and can almost get himself into the sitting position on his own. He is army crawling/scooching all over the place, and gets up on all 4's rocking back and forth, but hasn't quite figured out how to get himself forward, other than just lunging forward. He now eats cereal and veggies/fruits 3 times a day. So far he has tried rice and oatmeal cereal, butternut squash, sweet potatoes, apples, carrots and I made pears, but he will probably get those tomorrow. I just can't believe how fast he is growing!

We had to take Noah for his first ER visit about a month ago. He scared the crap out of us. One morning I went into his room to check on him when we woke up because Luke wanted to, and when I walked into the room I found Noah in his crib white as a ghost, with blue lips, with shallow breathing, and when I picked him up he had no muscle tone and was like a limp noodle. Jared took him immediately to the ER and as soon as they got there his color came back and he was back to his normal happy self. They admitted him and ran a bunch of tests because they thought maybe it was a seizure, they ruled that and pretty much everything else out. The really only explanation they could come up with, was their best guess, that maybe because of his acid re-flux he had been choking on his spit up. So basically we didn't really get any answers other than to keep him on his acid re-flux medication and just monitor him. He has been completely fine since, but of course mommy has been paranoid about everything. But it made me realize even more than I already knew, that this little boys life is so precious, and my life would not be complete with out him in it.


This is me trying to get a picture of them together, Luke wrestled him to the ground, and Noah loves every minute of the attention from Luke! Crazy boys!

Trying to crawl to Toby, he loves his doggies!

You can barely see his tiny little tooth on the bottom

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Date night with my LUKE!!

I got a chance to take Luke out on a special date to Chil-fil-a! I love that place! They had a special night for mothers and sons. It had a Mid-evil Knights theme. It was such a blast! There was tablecloths and centerpieces on the tables that were set aside for our reservations. The cow was dressed as a Knight and was walking around the store, Luke LOVED the cow! He kept running up and dancing for him and making silly faces at him! They had a photo booth set up where Luke and I got our picture taken together, they also had someone there drawing characatures of the boys. One of Luke's favorite parts was the jester and the fool walking around having sword fights. I really had a great time with Luke, I love watching his face light up when he is happy. My favorite part was when he kept turning to me and putting his arms around my neck and giving me a giant hug and a kiss for no reason. My heart melts.<3 I adore that sweet boy!

Eating his chicken nuggets. Such a special little boy there, that one day is going to do great things!! 

Luke and the cow.

Making silly faces at the cow! Haha! He cracks me up!

Silly pictures with mommy. I seriously can't wait for our next date. This boy is so precious to me!